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Yes, I’m alive! But ohmygoodness, I’ so sorry that I haven’t been on! Life is literaly hittin me with everything ppossible right now. I’m so stressed and cinfused, I actually had a nervous break-down the other day. It was bad… Anyways, I’m back! And I would really like to get some serious RPing done.

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Journey to Maldonia




We…will make it. We…will make it, he panted as he skedaddled through town, suitcases strapped to his hand, flying about. He excused himself and his lovely wife passing the crowds. Destination: Boat Dock. He located The Lily on the harbor. The name of the boat shall secure a steady ride.

Tiana carried her suitcase, letting Naveen drag her through the crowd, since she had no clue where in the world they were. But the minute she saw the l;arge boat, her heart dropped. This is it. She thought to herself. Her first time leaving New Orleans. She was scared, yet excited at the same time….

Now, this wasn’t the boat that would take them all across the see. This was a pleasant boat, a bit dainty for Naveen. It was just like the one he took on his way to New Orleans. They would dock at New York. “It’ll be like the Titanic!” Wait, that quizzical express upon her face. “Oh, no, no, I mean it’ll be as huge as the Titanic, not” —(he chuckles) — “this one won’t sink.” He couldn’t do anything but laugh. He placed one arm around Tiana.

When Naveen mentioned the Titanic, it just made her even more scared. What Tiana knew that he didn’t understand, and probably never would, was that she had never traveled before, and it was a scary feeling. But he world calmed down as Naveen put an arm around her, comforting her in a strange way. “Are you sure it won’t sink?” She asked with still a bit of fear in her voice.


“You just gotta dig a little deeper” 

Top 8 Gifs - The Princess and the Frog

 I love her dress!!!!

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Okay guys, so I’m saying goodnight for all my accounts, and informing you all of what I will be doing tomorrow on all of them.

   Tiana: Whatever the hell I feel like, and whatever comes along.

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disney princesses by ~Rea-san
I’m going to have faith
That we can love each other
The two of us gaze at each other and pray
That the wish we made to the sky will come true
Our two loves have merged
To become one single shape
Your precious love